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Monday, June 8, 2009

What a great surprise!! Sagamore Resort at Kent's Harbor Marina in Brookville, IN

My hubby treated me with a great surprise this weekend. We went to Sagamore Resort at Kent's Harbor Marina in Brookville, Indiana, for a weekend getaway. We had a one bedroom, fully equipped condo which overlooked the lake. I also got Jimmy into a boat for the first time. By Sunday, he was speeding down the lake in a pontoon boat that we rented for a 'three hour tour'. Ainsley's Cafe had really decent food for lunch & dinner, but make sure to bring bagels and juice from home for breakfast. Make sure you have a cell phone, there is no phone in the room.

The living room area had a fireplace.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Pool -- it was a little too chilly for me. Wish it had a hot tub!

We were in the middle unit, bottom floor.

View from our patio

View from our patio

The bathroom

We rented a boat like this on Saturday and Sunday and spent the afternoon on the lake.
Prices are very reasonable and would be perfect for a quick honeymoon. It's about one hour from Dayton and Cincinnati. Highly recommended!

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